Sphynx Breeder List

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Members are invited to send their details for inclusion on this list. All we ask is that you add a reciprocal  link to the SCA on your website.

Inclusion on this list does not imply a recommendation by the Sphynx Cat  Association.

The SCA recommends that all breeding Sphynx are heart scanned no more than twelve months prior to the date of birth of kittens. Purchasers are advised to ask to view copies of the sire and dam's latest scan reports, the results of which should be normal at the time of mating with no evidence of HCM or other heart abnormality.      

The purple heart                indicates that a breeder currently heart scanning their breeding cats and who are happy to discuss their results with prospective purchasers. Whilst breeders listed below are full members of the Sphynx Cat Association, inclusion on this list does not imply any kind of recommendation as to the accuracy or validity of the scan. These are updated annually and any breeder not providing a current scan will not have the purple heart at the side of their listing. This does not mean the do not HCM scan, merely that SCA have not seen said scan.

Dorset UK

Breeders of Sphynx since 1988
HCM Felv/Fiv tested household
Kittens are well socialized before going to their new homes once they are spayed or neutered.  You can find me on facebook

Name :  Jan Plumb
Tel :  01202-475105


Based in Wiltshire. We produce kittens who are full of mischief and healthy. Our kittens are loved and cherished until they leave for their forever homes.  You can be sure of a lovely kitten that adores human company as well as other animals. Our breeding queens and stud are all HCM tested annually. Kittens will leave with all injections against FeLV and FIV, health check, wormed, litter trained, used to baths and nail cutting and 5 weeks health insurance.

Name: Kim Patton 
Telephone: 01225 767100 
Website: anastaziasphynx.com 

Lancashire UK

Small hobby breeder in Lancashire.   Family reared kittens occasionally available from heart scanned parents.  Well socialised with dogs and small children. GCCF registered, vaccinated, neutered and microchipped.

Name:          Angela Collinge
Email:           [email protected]
Telephone:    01706 643179

Welcome to “Gatodouro”-home of Sphynx and Cornish Rex cats. Breeders of some of the most lovable and romantic cats. Our Cattery is registered in Tica and we do many shows through the UK and Europe. We breed for health, temperament and quality. Adults scanned annually for heart disease by a board certified veterinary cardiologist. We take pride in our breeding cats and their pedigrees and do not discount our kittens by selling them without proper registration. All our cats and kittens go to new homes already spayed/neutered.
Please contact Jelena tel: 02036022274 or 07793208492
Email: [email protected]

Spalding, Lincolnshire UK

Name:  Kinga Edwards
Telephone:  01775711095 or 07525925178

Meadowsfinx is a home based Sphynx cattery in Spalding, Lincolnshire. We have a small number of breeding cats that are a part of our family. We learn new things every day and research the breed to make sure that our cats are happy and healthy. Sphynx are our passion. We scan our cats for HCM every year and all are FeLV and FIV clear.

PHILOKALIA SPHYNX AND DEVON REX                                      
Wimborne Dorset, UK
Name:         Mo MacDonnell
Email:          [email protected]

SHALNAVAZZ SPHYNX                                                            
Guilford Surrey, UK              
We breed and show Sphynx with both TICA and the GCCF. Kittens are available to only the best forever homes, from HCM scanned healthy parents. All babies are raised at home andtherefore leave us as very well socialised bundles of love and fun. Our babies leave fully vaccinated, wormed, microchipped, neutered and TICA registered. They also come with their pedigree certificate and four weeks insurance.
Name:         Perviz Alexander
Email:          [email protected]
Website:      www.shalnavazzsphynx.net
Telephone    01483 236650 / 07974 828357

Lincolnshire, UK

I am based in Lincolnshire and a hobby breeder of strong, healthy, confident and very well socialized sphynx kittens of great quality and type with fabulous temperaments. All my babies leave having been vaccinated, microchipped, spay/neutered, registered, 4 weeks free insurance, copy of parents scans, pedigree and a life time of support. 

Name: Carol hope
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://tehyaohana.webeden.co.uk/
Telephone:  01472 859371 / 07398952514

Co Durham UK

I’m a small hobby breeder in Co Durham, North East of England. I’m registered with GCCF and TICA, and I occasionally show. My Sphynx are my pets foremost, and their health are paramount. My Sphynx are FIV/FeLV/CMS negative, and all my adults are HCM scanned annually. Sphynx are my passion and I aim for quality healthy kittens. I have some lovely lines from America and Europe, with outcrossing for genetic diversity and a stronger more robust immune system

Please contact Bernadette at Velvetskin Sphynx

My email is [email protected]