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Annual Subscription Fees to the Sphynx Cat Association
Subscription fees are due on the 1st January each year.  A reminder will go out via e-mail in December.   There is a £2.00 re-registration fee for members failing to renew their membership fees at the correct time.

Pay your subscription using paypal at [email protected].  You dont need an account.
Or into the Sphynx Cat Association Bank Account.  Sort Code 089299 Account number 65688742

From the Constitution:-

Non-payment (after a written reminder) by the date of the Annual General Meeting shall invalidate the membership which shall be deemed lapsed and the person shall be required to reapply to join and pay the registration fee as well as the appropriate membership fee, unless the registration fee is waived by the Committee.
No member shall be entitled to vote at any Meeting or to enjoy any privilege of membership whilst his or her subscription remains unpaid.

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