Sphynx Cat Association Minutes AGM Meeting 21st March 2015 at 1430

The London Cat Club Show, Woking Leisure Centre, Kingfield Road, Woking, Surrey, GU22 9BA

Chairman’s Welcome

Lynda welcomed everyone to the meeting and said that having such meetings at shows was not ideal but fast becoming the normal for a lot of clubs as it saves money for the club and members who attend. Everyone agreed they understood the reasoning and were happy to continue with this arrangement.

1. Apologies for absence
Apologies had been received from Laura Croft, Jennie Ayres and ??. Some members arrived a little later as they were working at the show.

2. Minutes of the last AGM.
The minutes were accepted as a true record Prop: Sec: Gina Rymer Sec: Vicky Martin.

3. Matter arising.
There were no maters arising not already listed on the Agenda.

4. Amendments to rules.
The rule amendments were read out as was the rationale for the changes and these were unanimously agreed.
Prop: Donna Mansi Sec: Gina Rymer

5. Confirmation of President and Vice.
It was unanimously agreed that our current President and Vice be asked if they are willing to continue for another year.

6. Officers, Committee, BAC Representatives and GCCF Delegate.
Chairman Lynda Ashmore. Vice Gina Rymer. Hon Treasurer Anne Hobson. Hon Secretary Jennie Ayres. Bev Spooner, Vicky Martin, Coriander Manning, Laura Croft, Jane Haggar. Nicki Barwell, Angela Collinge ***
Linda Clothier-Bowden and Ken Clothier-Bowden were welcomed to the committee.
BAC Reps: Gina Rymer, Linda and Ken Prop: Donna Mansi Sec: Vicky Martin.
GCCF Delegate Gina Rymer. Prop: Donna Mansi Sec: Linda Clothier-Bowden

7. Hon Treasurers Report and Appointment of Independent Examiner.
There has once again been a change of Treasurer as Kat has left the committee. A brief outline of the current state of affairs was discussed and it was agreed that Ann Hobson-Kelly should take over.

The accounts would be unavoidably delayed due to the change over, the office to be informed and the accounts will be available for members requesting them as soon as they have been finalised.

The independent examiner to be Stephen Bunce. Prop: Lynda Ashmore Sec: Gina Rymer.

8. Hon Secretary’s Report and Correspondence.
Unfortunately Jennie was unable to attend so Vicky offered to take some notes.

Gina outlined the recent items of news from GCCF which affected our breed.

Lynda reminded everyone that the agendas for Council meeting were uploaded on the GCCF website (www.gccfcats.org) members should contact the club if there was any items which they felt strongly about and Gina would take them up wherever possible.  Likewise a very comprehensive report of the meetings (compiled by Jen Lacey) is published there shortly after each meeting if members wish to know the outcome of agenda items.

10. BAC
Gina said all our probationers are making good progress and said that if any members have issues or feedback regarding any of our judges to contact her direct or through the club and their views will be taken to the BAC.

11. Show 2014

All present agreed the 2014 show had been a great success in terms of the good turnout of cats and the great atmosphere. Indications were it was also financially successful. 

12. Show 2015
Bev said she was happy to liaison between us and our show managers. Bev to ask if we can have another BIS pen so we can accommodate a separate BIS HP and a BIS Ped Pet. Lynda reminded the meeting that will involve another set of show drapes being made and said she still had contact with Jan Hurst who made the current BIS drapes should another set be required but was not sure Jan would still be able to obtain the same fabric.

Everyone wanted to retain the Best Smelling Sphynx class and the Peoples Choice and were asked to let us know if they have any ideas or suggestions for future shows.

13. Show support
Disappointingly not many shows have club classes these days but we hope to have them whenever possible. Lynda reminded members to enter otherwise we may lose them as the Show Mangers won't keep putting them on if they prove to be a waste of time.

14. Rehome and Welfare.
All agreed Coriander is doing a wonderful job and she is to be thanked for all she does on our behalf. We are very lucky to have her.

15. Newsletter and website
Ann Hobson-Kelly has taken on the website and completely revamped it. Everyone present were pleased with the new look and Ann was to be thanked for all she had done to bring this about.

It was suggested maybe we could have a show brags page.

Newsletter ?

16. AOB.
There being no AOB Lynda thanked everyone for coming and reminded them that the club was theirs and so they should keep in touch with any feedback or suggestions.

Date and time of next meeting TBA.