Need to rehome your Sphynx?
We will help you to find the best and most suitable home we can for your Sphynx should you need to rehome, for what ever reason.
We are a non judgemental association and realise that sometimes circumstances in life change.
We realise this is no easy decision for you and will try to make it as easy and painless as possible.
If there is an alternative solution we will endeavour to find it for you and are happy to give help, support and advice wherever we can.
We would appreciate as much info as possible, good and bad as we try to be as honest as we can when rehoming.  This makes for an easier match and the new owners are well informed if they are taking on an issue they are better equipped to deal with it.
Our main concern is finding the right home and we keep in touch after the initial rehome to ensure the cats are happy in their new surroundings.
If you could tell us everything you can think of about them that would be useful to help  find the most appropriate home for them.
Pairs would not split be split up unless they dont get on.
Helpful information includes :-
Name; age; colour.
Diet, what do they like to eat,do they have any issues with certain foods?
Health problems?
Do they get on with other animals cats/dogs etc?
Whereabouts in the country are you?
Would you be willing to help transport them if necessary?
How well do they travel?
Do they mind being groomed?
How often do they need grooming  at present and is there anything in particular they do or don’t like?(e.g.  nail clipping, ears cleaning etc)
Are they used to children and if so,what age?
We tend not to rehome with families with very young children as they themselves require much care and attention,our main priority is the welfare of the Sphynx we are rehoming,and that they will receive all the quiet and understanding  they need whilst settling into their new surroundings.
Anything you think would help us find the right home for them.
We do have an emergency telephone number but would like to point out it is just that, for emergency situations only.
Unless urgent, an email will be sufficient and preferable as it can be dealt with more extensively having the information to hand, if not urgent I will deal with enquiries within 24 hours.
I am unable to answer calls to the mobile number on Monday,Tuesday and Saturday during the day but will answer any messages for emergencies as quickly as possible.
If it is a medical emergency we would recommend that you seek veterinary treatment as quickly as possible.
All other rehoming emergencies or enquiries will be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Kind regards Coriander

emergency mobile number 07527 661 526